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Need a free javascript webcounter for your html site, we hope you enjoy using our website tracker service!

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Free, Fast, Simple, Quick loading and Reliable Service.
A free yet reliable web tracker, highly configurable hit counter
and real-time detailed web stats.

Insert a simple piece of our code on your web page and you will be able to
analyse and monitor all the visitors to your website in real-time!

Accurate real-time website statistics with detailed visitor tracking and analysis.
Invisible Tracking - no ads on your website.
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 Get a free webcounter.
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Reliable TrackerAWARD WINNING

HTML Javascript tracker service

wc Web Counter measures web site traffic and online behavior of your visitors.
wc WebCounter will help you understand how to optimize your site to meet the needs of your visitors.
wc You get access to detailed, real-time statistical analysis of your web pages - 24 hours a day. View an [Online Demo]
wc Free Web Counter is the ultimate real-time tracking solution for small and mid-sized businesses.
wc 100% accuracy - now includes Time Zone specific reporting.
wc This service is FREE !

Free webcounter 

Why WebCounter?
wc No programming to do
wc No servers to maintain
wc No software applications to install
wc Over 37,500,000 hits already safely tracked for our clients


This is currently a FREE service. Click on the register option above to receive your free web counter tracking code.
Get all the features of a pay per use site, but get it FREE here. Web counter has been delivering a high quality HTML
counter tracking service for Webmasters and business owners since 2000, we continue to invest in better script and
analysis tools to ensure an accurate and trouble free user reporting experience online.

  Client Comment #1: "Just started testing your hit counter... It is wonderful and very fast. For the small price of the platinum account, the details are unbelievably valuable." - Benjamin Dell, Riebens Systems
Client Comment #2: " Also, I just have to say that I have experimented with several counters, yours is by far the most thorough and the easiest to use I have ever seen." - Dorothy Kernaghan-Baez

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