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Much more than a simple counter, WebCounter is one of the easiest to use site monitoring tools on the market today.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO programming needed. All you need to do is copy a small piece of HTML code into your web page. From then on, every visitor entering your site will be recorded and monitored by WebCounter.

We maintain all your log information on our server. You do not need to read through endless columns of data to figure out what your visitors look like because WebCounter displays that information under the form of easy to read graphical charts.

With WebCounter, you will be able to answer essential questions with a simple glance at your stats :

Who are my visitors ? What search engines or links send them to my page ? What keywords do they use to find me ? How is my promotion campaign working ? Do I get more visitors from Yahoo, promotional e-mails, referrals ? Should I spend more time referencing with Alta-Vista, Yahoo, Google or on my local search engine ?

When do they come ? What is my busiest time of the day, of the week, of the year ? In terms of unique visitors, repeat visitors, first time visitors ?

What equipment do they use ? What browser, what operating system, what size screen ?... Design your pages so that they are best viewed not by you but by the majority of your customers.

Where do my visitors come from ? 

You'll get the answer to all these questions, and many more, just by pasting a WebCounter counter onto your page !

I am having difficulties installing my counter...

If you need assistance, send a detailed email to explaining exactly what problems you are encountering. We'll then try our best to help you out (we can even install the code for you if you have FTP access to your site).

FTP means 'File Transfer Protocol'. It is a simple way to access your server to download and upload documents (typically to install the code we would FTP to your server, download your web page, open it with a text editor, add the WebCounter code, save it and upload it back onto your server). FTP should be made available to you by the people hosting your site. If you don't have FTP access, please contact them and ask them for your FTP address, user name and password. Most hosts provide that service as part of their hosting package.

I get a JavaScript error message or a broken image instead of a counter

If you have pasted the code that we gave you onto your HTML page and have uploaded the modified page onto your server, WebCounter should work and display a proper counter. If it does not, you need to view the HTML source code for your page (right-click on any text portion of your web page then select View Source in the popup menu bar), find the WebCounter code in your HTML and compare it with the code we issued. The two must be exactly identical.

The most common problem occurs when people paste the code inside text editors that wrap long lines. The text editor inserts an extra carriage return (which is invisible to the human eye but not to the computer) that is then transported to the HTML page, causing WebCounter not to work. Text that appears as a single line in our code must stay that way on your page (make sure that the original code and the code on your page have the same number of lines).

If you continue having difficulties, try installing the simplified code.

I use frames and my counter does not seem to work

You probably tried to put the WebCounter code into the frameholder page. This will not work (the frameholder page can only contain information relative to the frames setup) ; instead, try to put the code in one of the frames themselves (preferably the main frame) and you should not have any more problems.

I made changes to my site and inadvertently removed the WebCounter code. How do I reinstall it ?

Click here to get the WebCounter code for your account, along with detailed installation instructions or Login to your Webcounter account and click on the 'Get Counter Code' link on the reports page. Traffic analysis will resume as soon as you reinstall the code.

Traffic analysis for my site has stopped : what happened ?

You have removed the WebCounter code from your page (probably an error during a site update) That will prevent our program from working and causes your traffic monitoring to stop.

All you have to do is reinstall the code for your account and traffic monitoring will resume immediately. Click here to get the code along with installation instructions or Login to your Webcounter account and click on the 'Get Counter Code' link on the reports page.

I need the WebCounter HTML code for my account.

To get your WebCounter code, just enter your user name and password in an email and send it to us at - we will do the rest or Login to your Webcounter account and click on the 'Get Counter Code' link on the reports page.

Can I use my counter on as many of my pages as I want to ?

Your WebCounter counter should be installed on all of your site's entry pages (we call 'entry page' any page on your site that is in direct contact with the outside. Most small sites have only one entry page - the main page - but some bigger sites may have several). Anyone entering your site must trigger the counter as he/she enters : this allows us to record the visit as well as the outside referrer. 

Is there a limit to how many visitors per day a WebCounter account can handle ?

There is no limit for all accounts types. Your WebCounter account can handle thousands of unique visitors per day.

Can you give me the name and address of the people who visit my page instead of their IP number ?

Internet was designed with people's privacy concerns in mind, making it technically impossible to get personal information on your visitors (such as name, email address and so forth). All we can do is detect the IP number and domain name of the server from where the request to your site originated. 99% of the time that request comes from an ISP (i.e. AOL, Compuserve, Earthlink, etc.) and the IP number has been dynamically allocated to the visitor (which means that if the same visitor comes back later he/she will have a different IP number).

The only case when you can identify a visitor is when he/she is connecting through a private network with a fixed IP number, but this is not a frequent occurrence.

Note that visitor identification is plain impossible : no one can offer that service so don't waste your time looking for it. Keep in mind that in the end this is a blessing : imagine your mailbox every morning if every site you visited could collect your personal information...

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